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Step 4. Use a Reiwa Member Agent

Why use a Reiwa Member Agent?

Buying your first home or investment property will be one of the most important financial decisions many people will make. In nearly all cases, there will be real estate agent involved in the negotiation of the sale and contract.

RealtyWest is an Accredited Reiwa Member Agent, which means that as a buyer you will negotating with a trained professional committed to ongoing professional development and training.

In addition, Reiwa Member Agents have access to benchmark industry accepted documentation and forms used in all areas of real estate practice. In particular, Reiwa has developed an Offer and Acceptance form regarded by many as the best available property sale contract in Australia. Reiwa has also developed an accompanying joint form of General Conditions for the Sale of Land which it co-owns with The Law Society of WA.

When used together in a real estate transaction these forms have resulted in the simplest type of real estate contract in Australia. These forms and contracts are frequently updated to reflect the changing regulatory environment and to ensure that clients of Reiwa members are protected.

Professional insurance

For the protection of consumers of real estate services REIWA members are required as a condition of membership to hold professional indemnity insurance.

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